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People can do some of this better, certainly (though they might not always spot small day to day changes, such as the example where the sensor systems can spot that someone is now moving around more slowly).

Unfortunately, people have their own costs. In some situations, a move to assisted living of some sort might be required, or regular visits from a family member or home care assistant. I don't think anyone here is likely to bedgrudge family contact, notwithstanding the snotty comment earlier, but as you point out, distance, or other family commitments, or work can be an obstacle.

It's certainly true that you might only get a few years use out of some of these systems, before you have to move on to something else, (and that in itself is perhaps a good reason for the subscription via service provider model that Green Peak was talking about), but for many people I would think those few extra years of independence in their own home are likely to be quite precious.

Of course, in the longer term, if systems like this prove to be effective (and remember, they can be used for other things too, like letting you know the kids are home from school, or basic home security) then they're not just used for keeping an eye on the elderly.

I suspect that companies like GP would very much like to see a wider adoption, but as with many such things, making the case for something can be tricky. For a lot of people, I think they can quite easily see the utility in the case of senior monitoring, which makes it a good place to start.

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