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I have a more pressing problem re. senior IT

Why the f*ck do all high range TVs need to have so many confusing menus you cannot disable?

My dad's eyesight sucks, so we got a large TV (think 55cm diagonal) which has an excellent picture and the size means subtitles are legible for my dad without the need for glasses. It's even clever enough to switch on the cable box and flip the channel on it, so he only needs one remote.

However, there is NO way of locking in the input from accidental mistakes. There is NO way to kill off the smart hub and the many, many apps inside which confuse the crap out of my dad, and there is NO way to get back to a sort of usable home position so I had to write a routine for him to follow if things went awry (which can happen by simply pressing a channel button before the TV is on as it will then go to analogue TV - which won't work. Have looked everywhere, but there isn't a good TV around that you can lock down so it remains usable without almost a degree in computing, why?

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