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roger stillick

FLAC, Sonus, Beats Audio and Apple...

IMHO= what we are really looking at here is the development of a proprietary encription system that is end-to-end digital with no Analog point of presence and thus uncopyable by any means other than hooking up to the voice coil of a sealed Sonus speaker, I-Pad, I-Phone, Beats headset, or a HD video monitor - the only way to copy encripted material in this new developing form is 1x speed (not a very easy way to steal large quanities of program material that would normally be taken at 14x to 30x speed of a cd / dvd disk).

Recording Artists that talk of new mastering systems are very much aware of what Apple could do with a end-to-end encription system (somthing the RIAA could never do)= prohibit copying of artists work by design of the mastering equipment...

caveiat= i buy my music and videos at Amazon and don't get involved w/ trying to get 'free stuff'...RS.

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