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@142 "...I wonder were you getting the *mix masters*"

Actually, those are what I wanted, but what I received was 1 file of a 2-channel mix almost 4GB in size. Sometimes these masters came in multiple channels, most times not (30/70). Being 4GB in size, I knew immediately it wasn't what I wanted, but how could I refuse :-).

At that time what I wanted was a proper 5.1 mix, I still would. It's been too long to remember the exact numbers of anything. The only things I remember are that it was 2 channels, it had a few tracks that were not on any release (at that time) and it had a much higher sampling rate. I think I read some years back that a new vinyl cut had been released, apparently the finest release of the album, but I never investigated.

I still wish that the RIAA would of made an initiative to forcefully archive higher quality versions of ALL albums that were digitally distributable in at least DVD-A spec (5.1 24b/96khz). DVD-A spec has been around nearly 20 years and is now considered archaic. However, it's still far better than CDDA in all aspects (doubley better). It makes me wonder why people consider loseless CDDA at all when CDDA itself is extremely lossy compared to so many alternatives (new and archaic).

For me, comparing CDDA to MP3 is exactly the same as choosing which flash drive to store text documents on: 16GB or 64GB? I'll take the one that gives more space.

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