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Mostly I have equipment at both ends, with one exception. It's all your basic simple computer/receiver/amp/speaker setup. Since "I go anywhere" for anywhere for from 3 to 5 months at a time it's easier to leave stuff behind. The exception? I have a small FM transmitter that I carry, but I just might buy another, so I can sit outside and listen while I read.

Oh, maybe I can hear the difference...Way back at the dawn of time I bought a CD of a classical piece I really liked, The Moldau. Same recording, just on CD instead of vinyl. When I ripped the MP3's for that album I used the vinyl to do it, just sounded better. Meaning was it the media, or engineering, or method? With the exception of the CD player and/or turntable/cartridge it was the same equipment.

Bought a new amp recently, same speakers. Damned thing sounded like being next to some cars at a light. I had to go down in the basement and grub around until I could come up with an equalizer.

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