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That U2 thing...

No, the U2 issue was mostly "DO NOT FUCK WITH MY MUSIC COLLECTION. IT IS VERY PERSONAL" - even people I know that love U2 were ticked that Apple "messed with my things" - it has nothing to do with streaming.

It's like you give a girl a gift by sneaking the new lingerie into her panties drawer. It's a nice thought, but you'll be sleeping on the couch anyway.

"emerging artists on streaming services get paid bugger all while the big stars enjoy much more favourable deals"

Of course. They're emerging artists and they don't make the streaming service a lot of money with music that's popular. The stars pull more traffic, so they get a bigger chunk of cash. That is why they are stars now. No different from the blokes at work getting paid less (I imagine) than the guy that does 6x times the high quality code.

“You can’t stream your music while moving about!”

So it's like an old pre-Walkman CD player? Don't move or it'll skip... the more things change...

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