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Streaming wins

The money I spent on CDs, tapes, vinyl and even minidiscs in the '90s is less than my current subscription service will cost me for my entire life. So what does it matter that I can't pass anything on to my children, when they can access the same stuff for less money than it would cost them to buy physical formats? Of my parent's collections I listen to precisely nothing. Sleeve notes and lyrics can be found online, so no problem there. The age restrictions and lack of family options are definitely a problem though.

When you will be away from internet connections, you have to download, obviously, but streaming is also a form of downloading and streaming services offer caching specifically for that. You're getting arsey about terms there in an attempt to make streaming look ridiculous. CDs, books, DVDs and board games make up the majority of the clutter in my house by volume. I envy the digital generations who have none of that.

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