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Too much ado about almost nothing...

It's pretty bad and embarrassing that the popular Shell is capable of this unintended stuff. However, if you're writing a script you would be able to do all the "scary" things the proper way already. As far as things CGI, every shell is not the safest language by its nature and should not be used for this risky business. It's a SHLELL of the system, not a webserver "shell". The article reiterates this known for ages postulate. Shell doesn't have the power nor the convenience of the more capable languages like perl, php, python etc.

Moreover, taking input from a stranger is dangerous already and asks for trouble. Proper tools and checks are to be in place to minimize the likelihood of this. Single quotes in Perl is one solution, not a panacea though, if an input is still blindly passed to operators, say, you can get ddos'ed by feeding it too big of a number or too long of a string, than you intended those to be, if the latter is not being properly checked.

So again, a shell should not have been used in cgi, other potential explorations, like embedded devices, are pretty questionable, as many commenters have said above. Busybox is what is used there for default shell. I got Tomato usb Netgear router here and installed bash on it, the version of which is vulnerable. However, one can talk to it via ssh and web interface within the local network only. The latter is protected by password, the former -- by ssh key. cgi doesn't use bash, the admin panel of the web interface does take the system commands there, which was intended to be so already.

Next "shockingly sensational" news please...

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