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You might find it hard to believe, but it's true. Ask any Apple owner if they prefer Apple's services to Googles, and most of them will reply Google's.

Define "services". Apps: Apple, because I don't have the time to inspect every app for either authored data theft, Google data tapping or simply grabbing much more then it needs (not to mention that I have granular control over that in iOS - let's not forget that Google's business is YOUR information, not hardware (which may explain why the iOS idea of granular and post-install permission control never made into Android features other than by 3rd party apps). Internet search: Apple now puts Duckduckgo in as engine, which I have been using for ages on other platforms. Google search is good, but I found that I can handle a bit more work for no privacy exposure whatsoever. Data protection: device data space encryption and per-app encapsulation is a default in iOS8.

It depends on what your needs are. I am keen on my privacy but I don't like having to fight for it, so as long as I avoid iCloud, Apple is quite OK. If you like to tinker a lot, Android is the way to go, but you get less done.

The reason Apple don't offer their services on Android, is why would anyone want them, when they have natively Google stuff.

.. which you won't be able to use unless you either root the thing, or accept Google's T&Cs. If you have any understanding of what you're signing up to, this is worth avoiding. "In perpetuity" is actually a very long time.

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