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I'm probably going to get some flak for admitting this in this place, but I have a reservation later today to buy an iPhone in a London Apple store during a 1 hour time slot (it's time to replace the other half's 4S, although she doesn't know this yet). I can't work out if I'm supposed to queue (to actually get in the shop, rather than having to queue just to experience the hype properly). On the first morning of pre-orders, I went to the apple store, chose to reserve for collection instead of delivery (mainly because I wasn't committed to actually buy it that way, as collection is not pay in advance), picked a model and time slot.

I've never done this before (bought an Apple product anywhere near launch day) so I don't know how it works - in a normal shop I'd just saunter in at the start of my slot, say I had a reservation and pay, but in the crazy world of Apple hype it surely can't be that simple.

I note that the reserve for collection option is no longer available so it was obviously a limited number of slots, which makes me hopeful.

Anyone actually done this?

[Paris to reflect my level of cluelessness, although she would obviously not have to queue for one. Or order one herself]

[Oh and don't be fooled by my attempts to appear above the Apple hype. I am obviously a total sucker for it]

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