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Never trust anything you want to keep to a computer

Perhaps I'm just old, I remember reading long ago, that the reason online banking was made available was nothing to do with customer service. It had everything to do with what could be called "plausible deniability" by the bank. If your account was missing funds and you had online access, then it was your fault, you must have given away the pin. I think it had something do to with insurance. It was 20 odd years ago I read this. I was a student at the time, I even remember the street I was walking down...

But I digress. Since then, I've never trusted online banking. In fact I've even gone so far as to get guarantees from a few banks, that they will never make my information available online. Got a written letter from the bank about my business account.

If it's online, it's vulnerable. You, (the dismal denizens of el' Reg) of all people should understand this, what else is the cynicism for?

TFA, which is amusingly, the same acronym as "The F***ing Article" is not a panacea. It's not even a very good idea. if you have TFA on your phone and you lose it. you can say goodbye to your account. Since where is the TFA text going to be sent. The more things you carry, the more things you lose or forget.

Technology is always vulnerable, if you lose sight of that, you will always be "shocked and stunned, Brian" when something adverse happens.

Caveat Emptor and all that.

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