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Sony says year's losses will be four times deeper than thought

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"PS4 owners aren't pikey movie pirates, we don't care about Cinavia or MKV (both of which are synonymous with movie piracy)."

LOL - you complete idiot - you clearly have no clue whatsoever. The PS4 forums are full of people complaining about it. Just because you waste your money on the copyright cartels, don't assume everyone else does. Statistics show that you are in a minority.

"Keep on dreaming that PS4 sales are going to slow. The Xbone only worthwhile exclusive (Titanfail) turned out to be an overhyped dud."

Again you just show yourself to be an uninformed idiot. Titanfall has sold over 2 million copies globally. That's over 500,000 more than Infamous: Second Son - on the PS4

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