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Sony do release some awesome stuff, their current smartphones are pretty good.

but when they do well and release good products in one area they totally drop the ball in another.

5 or so years ago Sony tellys were the best, cracking picture and awesome sound, but their phones were utter cack - they were a good year behind the times with zero innovation.

Now they've worked wonders on their phone range, but other products are rubbish.

Whats going on over there???

They probably only have one reasonable set of engineers between all the managers and directors, so they keep moving them around for firefighting instead of paying for some more capable people. It's the natural last stage of death of any organisation where finance starts to trump the delivery of what customers need - the stage preceeding this is usually called "believing your own marketing but your customers don't", which is where I see MS land in not too long a time.

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