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2-factors: Operated by AND/Conjunction or by OR/Disjunction?

2 is larger than 1 on paper, but two weak boys in the real world may well be far weaker than a toughened guy. Physical tokens and phones are easily lost, stolen and abused. Then the password would be the last resort. It should be strongly emphasized that a truly reliable 2-factor solution requires the use of the most reliable password.

I wonder how many people are aware that biometrics operated with a password in the OR/disjunction way (as in the case of iPhone) offers a lower security than when only the password is used. Media should let this fact be known to the public lest consumers should be misguided.

I am really worried to see so many people being indifferent to the difference between AND/conjunction and OR/disjunction.

Biometrics can theoretically be operated together with passwords in two ways, (1) by AND/conjunctiion or (2) by OR/disjunction.

I would appreciate to hear if someone knows of a biometric product operated by (1). The users must have been notified that, when falsely rejected with the device finally locked, they would have to see the device get reset.

Like other biometric products, Apple's iPhones are operated by (2) so that users can unlock the phones by passcodes when falsely rejected, which means that the overall vulnerability is the sum of the vulnerability of biometrics and the vulnerability of a password. It is necessarily larger than the vulnerability of a password.

As for an additional vulnerability unique to biometrics, you may refer to

Needless to say, so-called 2-factor systems with a password as the first factor and something possessed as the second factor are generally operated by (1), providing raised security at the sacrifice of lowered convenience.

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