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What's this 'pay as you go' cloud crap? Dunno about you, but my apps don't work that way

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I don't know how

with a straight face you can reccomend someone develop something on top of amazon while at the same time saying "pay for what you provision" is bad. Amazon practically created that whole thing, and it's been a disaster from the start. Their model is so incredibly broken it's sickening. There are some services they offer that are pay for what you use (S3 and a few others that I can't name off the top of my head). But their EC2/RDS/etc type services are all not only functionally terrible, but the pay for provision model is just bad bad bad.

I can't speak to google/azure services I have never used them.

There was a video presentation I saw of a guy at a conference a few months ago:

He talked about all sorts of concepts whether it was cloud, nosql, security etc. On the clould front he said there were two types of people:

1) people that have actually implemented cloud services


2) other

It is quite funny and he manages to nail so many good points while keeping the audience entertained, it's hard to get me to laugh out loud but he did it on all of the times I have re-watched that video.

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