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Hmm, hundreds of passwords? Why?

I use the same brief password for all those online crap sites that expect me to register but I couldn't really give a <bleep> <bleep> whether anyone accesses their site with my credentials. I therefore have only a few 'proper' passwords to remember.

For example, is your identity on 'The Register' so sacred that you'd be really upset if someone posted something as you? Perhaps for some. Or is it really important that someone else can log into and have it automatically populate the address details with yours or perhaps see what you bought last time? (Though obviously there may be some sites where you really don't want people knowing what you've been buying - naughty, naughty.) I even don't mind if someone logs onto my energy supplier and pays the bill on my behalf.

So long as there is no harm that can be done to you why bother going to much length to protect the access? Assess the risks, the possible consequences and choose a password appropriately.

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