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Not sure this accords with basic economics

You are saying that iPhone users replace their phones more regularly. This implies that there are lots of "last year's phones" around. At least some of these must make their way into the second hand channel (rather than sitting in the back of a draw), so there should be lots of second hand phones. If there is a big supply of 2nd hand iPhones then basic economics would suggest that this should depress the price.

On the other hand you are saying that Android users don't care about having the latest model, they just want to use a phone. Therefore they should be more likely to want to buy last year's Samsung, thus increasing the demand for used Android phones and raising the price.

Thus your argument that iPhone users are fashion victims desperate to replace their phones the instant a new model comes out would suggest a world when the world was awash with second hand iphones at bargain prices, while canny and thrifty Android users were having to pay through the nose for those rare-as-rocking-horse-sh1t second hand Sammys

I don't think this is where we're at.

I would suggest that the 2nd hand price for Apple kit holds up well because

a) they are very well made

b) there only a small number of models so apple can continue to support them all

c) the latest version of iOS is available on all models released in the last 4 years or so.

Not sure I would want a 2 year android phone that the manufacturer has long forgotten about with no chance of a software upgrade ever again.

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