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Yes, although the systems for cars could be gamed by the manufacturers such that performance cars (like one I had) had noticeable dips in the power curves at 56mph and 70mph in order to save fuel for the tests.

Hence the 'super' chip replacement industry which gave you back the curve that should have been there (and often added boosts your engine or the environment wouldn't appreciate).

Still, I get that they can learn and produce something like 'urban cycle' that is harder to obfuscate.

Personally, seeing various plans of calls/text/data/period/cost seem fairly obvious to me. Firstly, one is choosing an amount of money that one would spend at the most. For instance, I noticed that there is a new iPhone due and Phones4U sent me an email saying I could get the cheap one free for only 50 pounds a month or so over two years.

Well, since I was paying 8 pounds a month (7 now) for not-too-much-data/lotsa-texts/nuff-calls, with a phone that is premium but cost about 12/month for 2 years all the same, I figured the extra 30/month was overpriced for losing wireless charging and getting a less good camera etc.

However, comparing 7/month for 200mins/unlimited/500MB against a special-for-me 8/month for 600mins/600/600MB was easy. It is based on the fact that I would likely never run out of calls, even at 200 mins but could use 600 texts in a bad month (I have teenage children and a gf so it can be serious). The minimal data is ok for me because I have built-in maps and utilise WiFi a lot (and because I don't watch much video, especially when not at home).

These considerations are basically common-sense, in that everyone can reasonably make those choices. I actually switched because EE suddenly decided to break their data network and give me nothing or pitiful data connections for weeks on end without fixing it despite a dozen attempts (yes, I put the SIM in another phone, YES I have restarted my phone, YES, I DID clear my cache - for 2 months, unbelievable), it wasn't for the 1/month.

The guy I know who says "Oh, I pay 31/month but I get huge/huge/infinite" is just deciding that paying 12/month extra removes (some) worry about exceeding limits or not having data etc. To me 12/month pays for my TV licence or half my broadband, it is real money as far as I am concerned.

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