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The trouble is that many customers keep using the third party retailers rather than the mobile networks own direct sales businesses. This is because of the astounding level of incompetence of the networks' own in-house retail businesses. The networks are unaware of the level of their own incompetence at retail, which has made this very hard for them to fix.

As alluded to by others, you need help to identify the right package for you because the companies have always actively worked to avoid clear like-for-like comparisons, a tactic that started when BT was forced into a duopoly with Mercury. The mobile companies have simply adopted these tactics because they were allowed to get away with it (and still are). This confusion is what forms the lifeblood of the resellers.

If the EU wanted to make a difference on the telco front, all it needs to do is somehow force honest comparison, because only then you'd get honest competition that benefits the user.

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