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and that other German brand who's name escapes me

Probably Bosch. I have had quite a bit of fun disassembling the hinges on a Bosch dishwasher half a year ago (it is necessary if you need to replace the door gasket). The washing machine hinges by Bosh (who also OEMs for Siemens) are even more bomb-proof. I am not surprised that you can tow the dishwasher using those.

So frankly, if Samsung's hinges could be damaged by an exec (unless that exec was capable of saying "I'll be back" with an Austrian accent), they are utter crap. No thanks, that is never entering my house.

Going back to a proper washing machine (Bosh). Bosh washing machines are practically indestructible as long as you change the brushes in time. It takes ~ 5 years of hard use to wear down the original ones to the point where they damage the motor. Most third party replacements last 3 years or thereabouts. By the way - the machine will indicate that the brushes are so worn down that they are shorting (error code 24 if memory serves me right).

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