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Re: The fandroid doth protest too much, methinks!

Indeed Ben S.

They protest too much. The cult of Apples followers make it happen by their bizarre and fanatical following of their ex-maker and anything else that's thrown at them. Sycophancy at its best.

Just ask your teenage son/daughter why should anyone be paying $100 extra for every 8gB/16gb /32 Gb memory iteration of this ITAT? When it really costs pennies elsewhere ? The 80 percent android fans love this option (rather than a compulsory gouging by Apple - and sheeple happy to pay).

Or ask them the size of a HD movie download.

The user experience you so proudly boast of is another walled garden and APPLE decides & determines what you see/hear from the devices that you have dearly paid for. WTF ? Control freakery, anyone?

Now what's it with the French cars and Wall street?

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