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I generally like Apple gear, but not the hype

I'm OK with Apple kit, it works for me, and it takes little to get integration going in a secure way provided you avoid iCloud like the plague.

The hype, however, I can seriously do without.

If you want to make it an event, then get some people involved who can make this interesting. Comedians, people with some stage presence, NOT people who would not look out of place in an accounting firm and for whom the superlatives they were told to use by the marketing droids were clearly causing physical pain. Jobs, for all his faults, had a strong presence, he could do this, but Tim Cook is not Jobs, and should seek his own style instead of trying to imitate Jobs.

What was released could have been done with a press release and some pictures instead of this hype fuelled non-event. There is nothing wrong with evolution, as long as you don't try to dress it up as REvolution because that will just look stupid. And it did, it created a truly anaemic event after all that buildup. So it's bigger. Meh. You have two versions, one of which even bigger. Meh. There's a boring watch which suggests that all the people that can design beauty appear to have been busy elsewhere, so meh again. And you're getting into NFC payments. Yawn, who let the accountants on stage?

As I said before, all I personally am looking forward to is iOS8 and Yosemite. Which won't get you any of my money. And even if I *did* want to give you money, you won't let me as I moved country and am now faced with either ditching my existing investment (or at least not getting it updated) by switching iStore country or keeping a credit facility alive in a country I just left. Well, f*ck that - that's why I now buy from external outfits such as the Omni Group who sell me a non-app store version. As for apps, I have enough of them, thanks, so I'll just leave the shop settings as they are. Oh, and that music buying thing? Not only is Amazon cheaper, but their MP3s work everywhere - including my iGear.

I may like the gear, but I don't like the rest. So spare me the stage antics and fix the fundamentals first.

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