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Apple's Watch is basically electric perfume


Fanboi alert.

I think the problem has always lied, for myself anyway, in the sheer hysteria and "look... i have an iPhone.... and yours is what... a Samsung? and LG? har har...." at least thats always been my experience here in the UK.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Ipod. Still do. Every morning on my way to work, every evening on my way home and the Journeys in between, my iPod is plugged into my USB port on my Car Stereo, pumping out some quality Country tracks (yes, a 27 year old country fan from the UK, as rare as rocking horse s**t) but before that in my late teens, my previous Ipods were used walking to college playing Greenday and Blink 182. I actually owned one of the first consumer market Mp3 players, which was ok, but swiftly moved to, and stuck to, the iPod.

That's the first and last apple product I've owned tho. I myself HATE over-hyped "stuff" be it a movie or a piece of tech. Enter EVERYTHING Apple based.

I think the Apple Watch actually looks pretty neat, and even though I have NEVER seen the point in ANY smart watch ( I just don't get why anyone would need one, sports enthusiast or not ) it has some OK looking functions and features. Would I have one? Well, no. If someone walked up to me in the street and gave me one for free, (apart from the fact I never have and never will own an iPhone) it would probably be a nice 'thing' for a couple days before promptly getting re-boxed and put into a drawer somewhere.

Apple in my opinion, are the exact things you are trying to defend. A monster of a global marketing Juggernaut that are really only telling fad crazy, fashion conscious Air heads that their device, with its sheer lack of functionality, and its need for a complete re-design of everything the modern man/woman knows, is a 'must' a 'need' and really something they need

What was my point again? I've lost track.

Its basically like trying to sell me a Commador 64 as a "new games console"

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