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If they can do away with the heart strap, I might be tempted... I am no sure how reliable the "pulse" measurement is compared to the electrical pulse measured by my polar...

That should be pretty easy using reflected IR and should be just as accurate.

I was actually thinking about this problem just a couple of days ago, wondering why I needed a heart strap when a finger tip push against an IR sensor works just as well. One only needs a few consecutive pulses to determine BPM and missing pulses can be easily compensated for through software filtering. It should be easy enough to built a wrist mounted pulse reader and I doubt Apple would have gone with that if it didn't work reasonably well.

Of course, I was wondering how I could build such a device for a few quid; wasn't dreaming of paying Apple prices. Maybe I could use a Raspberry Pi? Lugging a car battery around to power it should also do wonders for my cardio workouts :-)

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