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Apple's SNEAKY plan: COPY ANDROID. Hello iPhone 6, Watch

John 104

Tradition for the win

Wrist Watch:

Move wrist, look at time, go about my business.

Marvel at titanium case and band and so little weight.

Get wet while boating and not cry.

Smack into door jam and not cry.

Drop in garage and not cry.

Never worry about charging - Citizen ecodrive - 5 years strong and still running.

Aside from the frustration caused by the below analysis, number 4 will be the real killers for these things. And 9 will be SO true.

1.twitch wrist, noticing how the thick rubber wristband has made your lower arm hot and sweaty

2.glance down and realise you forgot to charge the watch last night

3.try to find cable and realise this is at home/in desk/bottom of bag/lost

4.charge watch for 45 minutes wondering if it is worthwhile

5.restart watch and pray bluetooth connects happy dance when connection happens

7.wait as watch updates slowly over bluetooth with 57 missed email headlines

8.give up and use phone

9.add watch to box labled minidisc player, palm pilot and beta max video

You have to wonder if the research and manufacturing investment by Apple and others will EVER get paid back in sales for these device.

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