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It would appear that you consider "good analysis" to be that which agrees with or reinforces your own particular prejudices. Still, I suppose at least 70% of people take that route.

Me? I think the items might be interesting - we'll see in due course when they're released and can be examined. I still know of many who buy Apple computers not for a fancy logo, but for OSX and a straightforward computing experience. Not everyone wants to wrestle with Windows, or become a Linux geek - in much the same way that many car drivers have no desire to learn how to be a mechanic.

I say "Good for you" to those who do wish to be Windows-wrestlers, or Linux-geeks, but that doesn't make you a superior being, anymore than slating Apple just because it's fashionable to do so amongst certain geek sectors makes you smart.

Almost any article on El Reg which concern Apple is little more than troll-bait and is followed by the inevitable troll-fest.

I read very few of 'em, these days.

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