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Apple's ONE LESS THING: the iPod Classic disappears

Dana W

No cloud please.

People go on about the glories of the cloud. Cloud music is great if you are in your teens and only want the flavor of the day, but if you have even reasonably eclectic tastes, a lot of what you listen to is just NOT there. It is not about convenience for us, it is about making sure every track out there is licensed, and accounted for. And if you would rather listen to Klaus Nomi than Niki Minaj, well as far as they are concerned you are simply out of luck.

I own three iPods, two 160's, and the one I use the most, a Gen 4 U2 iPod I converted to flash. Its very easy to open a dead or dying iPod, upgrade the battery, and convert to flash. My 20 gig is now a 64 gig, (soon to be 128 gig) and when I do the 160 Classics I plan on making them into 256 gigs. There is a lot to be said for a player than can hold all my important music, and 11 years of my favorite show.

My biggest fear is one day plugging them into iTunes and being told they are no longer supported.

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