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Some articles just compare the looks of Apple's smartwatch to the looks of other smartwatches (with a few nods to some other aspects) but miss the point of the product.

Is the Apple Watch imperfect and overpriced? Yes!... but so was the first iPhone in 2007, and in 2007 there were many bloggers that just looked at it superficially and didn't get what was really innovative about it.

Yes, there are other smartwatches out there. But this one is actually useful. It is also the first smartwatch that doesn't look like you have a huge geeky square or circle that completely overpowers your wrist. But even still, the looks should not be the major focus.

The Apple Watch’s uniqueness and strength, like other Apple products, is its “usability" and "user experience”. Sadly, these terms are meaningless to people who use products that don’t excel in these areas, and so they have no idea of their importance (and also why people love their Apple products so much).

The Apple watch has a well developed ecosystem in both current and future apps, as well as in services, sensors and other hardware features that are not available on any other smartwatch.

Like the first iPhone in 2007, it will take some time for certain people to "get it". Also, like the first iPhone, Apple’s competitors will eventually include some of those features and services into their own smartwatches… Eventually.

But this is just the first version of the Apple Watch. As has happened with all other Apple products, each year will bring even more refinements and features.

Most other smartwatches have been unsuccessful in sales because consumers just view them as expensive, nerdy gimmicks. But the Apple watch will sell in the millions in the first year, because it is an actually useful, useable mobile device that is worth its cost.

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