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Alex Walsh

Never mind the gadget crash...

...think about the havoc it will wreak on tech sites. Looking at half a dozen sites last night/this morning (Pocketlint, Trusted Reviews, Engadget, Tech Radar, Gizmondo etc), you can see that between the iPhone 6's and the Apple watch, they've got about 40 articles in total on Apples press conference. The iPhone 6 has a news story, a first impression story and several articles comparing it to existing phones, and then one about the bigger version. The iWatch has one about the press conference, a first impressions and then maybe a comparison with the Moto 360. Half of these are on multiple pages as well because it's all about the clicks for audience and ad revenue.

Imagine a world where every Apple launch can't generate your site half a dozen articles and thousands of clicks. Half of them will go out of business...

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