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Apple's Watch is basically electric perfume


Trouble with gadgets, is they used to be able to solve a problem, or show innovation. These days, they seem to invent problems that don't really need solving, and show a serious lack of innovation.

Innovation is in many cases a gamble - will the public actually want to try something new? And these days, gambling is something a lot of companies just can't afford, or are unwilling to do - so we just get rehashes of stuff that sheep bought last year, or things that are slightly different to what we have now - and don't offer anything useful or interesting.

Or, of course, truly world-changing innovation is blocked by mega-corps, afraid that such things would jeopardise their monopoly on the world - look at oil for example - I am convinced we could already have left oil based motor engines behind, but the oil companies can't have that. Cynical? Perhaps, but I know the world we live in.

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