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Apple's SNEAKY plan: COPY ANDROID. Hello iPhone 6, Watch

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" But at least the iPhone won't feel cheap and have a battery that goes to pot after a year like Android phones " - what a load of bollocks. My phone is an Xperia U, a phone so inexpensive that it came with my two year contact. I will replace it when I renew in January. But, well, I make this phone to be a year and nine months old. Battery works fine. My previous (Xperia Mini Pro) is a year older and is now doing service acting as a modem for my iPad on another network (because I'm paying a lot of money to Orange yet this isn't enough to allow tethering). Battery fine, and that is a phone that I used to listen to MP3s and streaming radio until the battery ran out...

Given some Android phones cost as much as an iPhone, they aren't all plastic and sadness - and there are also special ruggedised phones that would leave an iPhone (and its owner) broken. But, hey, you have already proven you know not of what you speak...

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