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looks nice

android user here on an LG G3, but used to be iphone user so am fairly impartial. i think the device looks nice - people will want this phone. the new features, while maybe not revolutonary or even original are a welcome edition to the iphone - it will also be intersting to see (now that apple have climbed on-board), whether NFC gets the uptake and roll-out across retailers that it's needed for years. if so, i for one, will be pleased about that. screen resolution is slightly disappointing, given that i'm holding in my hand a device with a staggering 538 PPI - i would have liked to have seen apple innovate in this area. the apple watch looks very nice and i do actually find myself wanting one, which i have not felt with other smart watches. all in all i think a nice revision of the iphone and the apple watch i think will be really good by the the 3rd or 4th iteration, so i will be watching that space.

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