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I guess it is even more simple than that, only those who do not care about such things are likely to buy enough volume to continue to interest makers of this stuff. Put simply you do not count several times over, you do not buy from iTunes, you do not rack up ISP charges you are not their market. Now go away. Their attitude not mine. When a company knows what is best, the off message buyer simply does not count.

Perhaps someone else will provide the sort of device that those with a collection of their own can use to their benefit. The apple band wagon has stomped on most of the competition by convincing most buyers that apple are the only way.

PS, I have no apple products and NEVER carry round any music when I am out. I am clearly not a target demographic so I am free; neither a fanperson, a wanabe or anything else of the ilk, just me.

I do have one use for apple, I have just had one for breakfast, very juicy it was too!

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