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Hawking: Higgs boson in a BIG particle punisher could DESTROY UNIVERSE

roger stillick

Void Expansion Event Horizon...? ?

A Flash of pure energy...Oh Wait, that's the Big Bang...and we were told BB void expansion had no 'C' speed restriction, or, why would the idea of a void expansion be limited to 'C' speed ??

Joke Alert= remember that 497 DBM / 0.5 GW limit of emmitted power in the atmosphere ?? seems reverse stsnding waves would destroy any emitter...CPA or Chirp Compression Amplification got around that nicely, and, now we have Peta Watt Lasers...

Please Note= this Higgs Boson / Collider hypothesis stuff is simply sub-particle MHD plasa flow and, it follows the same paths and effects that high energy EM or Particle light does ( go high enough in power and REV- SWR kills the emitter - only).

The second deduction, if you buy any of this, is CPA or Chirp Compression Amplification techniques will allow Peta Watt Colliders without any problems other than scaring the rest of the universe at a non / higher than 'C' transmission velocity...

caveiat= MHD sometimes trumps Sci-Fi in audacious hypotheses (that Plasma Physics and Light have the same constraints, or, i have yet to move a light beam w/ a magnet)...please accept my attempt at an on-topic joke...RS.

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