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This seems to be the way Virgin Media deal with disconnections these days. You phone up and ask to cancel and they say "yeah that's fine, bye" and don't offer you any incentives to stay at that point. I think this is to weed out the people who are angling for a better deal.

Then 7-10 days later you will get a call from them asking if they can do anything to keep you.

In my scenario I wanted to cancel my TV package because the cost was a rip off, and we mostly watched Netflix. I wanted the Phone package gone because we only ever had call centers and charities ringing us. 7-10 days later my father started getting calls from Virgin Media asking him why he was cancelling, and could they do anything to keep him. Turns out that because I signed up with Virgin Media when I lived with my dad, just before I moved into my house (8 years ago), they had his phone number on file for me rather than the one on my account, which I had with them for 8 years. Needless to say they never got through to me so I didn't get the sales patter.

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