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Re: While a few men may think this is a good idea

In which case they'd better automate the Slipper of Death. Android powered, internet-of-things compatible, totally fear-proof?

Maybe combine it with the Dyson tracked vacuum cleaner, so that the spider scuttles across the living room carpet, and slowly, relentlessly the Dyson M1A1 grinds after it, sleepless, indefatigable. Eventually the spider will be cornered, and the machine can vacuum it up, or simply crush it under the tracks, before sending a Facebook update announcing success and showing video confirmation. Or team up with Nerf to give the Dyson proper spider-attack capability. The Middle East model could despatch the spider, lets not go there.

All these possibilities from technology, and the best the makers can give us is a fucking bendy telly and a watch with a battery that lasts a whole day. Knobs!

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