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Exactly. It is vastly more expensive to pipe 10 Mbps to 100 different places than a single point-to-point 1 Gbps link. A cost per bit comparison is useless. One of the major issues with Internet service in America is that high speeds are not available in rural areas. It is a return on investment problem. A new data link in New York will be only a few tens of km long and pay for itself very quickly. The same link to a small town in the West Texas desert will be hundreds of km long and never pay for itself. That cannot be helped. What the FCC boss is talking about is the fact that once DSL speeds are exceeded, and only cable remains, many, if not most, have only a single choice in cable provider due to exclusive deals that cities have made with particular cable providers. That can be dealt with by forcing the cities to abandon the exclusivity clauses when negotiating with cable providers, thus breaking the mini-monopolies..

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