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Alistair Dabbs

personal computer in their home

Ah now this gets to the crux of the matter and one of the themes of this week's column.

Did any home in the 1970s and early 80s have any use for a personal computer? Hey, I'd have loved an Intel i7 ultrabook connected to the Internet by IEEE 802.11n in 1980 ... but you know what? All they had were BBC Micros and ZX Spectrums, which were of NO use to the average home, unless you include being able to play a version of Pong as "useful".

So my observation is that I'm sick of people telling me how orgasmic 3D printing is when it isn't... yet. Sure, I could let the market decide, which is another way of saying: "Don't tell anyone how crap the products are at the moment! Let them spend their money based on wild rumour and misleading PR and then find out for themselves!" It's an interesting approach but not one that I subscribe to.

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