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Nearly a year of living with my 3d printer now

Firstly, unless you are gonna learn CAD (solid works student edition for me), it's a waste of time.

printing out things other folk have built is not particularly useful - you might as well get them printed my shape ways or i.materialise, etc.

But once you've learned to build stuff yourself, if you are a DIYers or hobbiest, you really do find them useful.

ABS is actually remarkably solid for most stuff you'd want to use if for - from brackets, to door handles, to project containers, etc - I can print off a caribiner that will hold my weight in 30 mins for example - now that would be stupid - I'd buy a caribiner… and there is the issue - don't print out things you can BUY, you print out things you need that don't exist, or (as in the case of my Stubilizer project) prototype stuff.

If you are not a DIY/hobbiest or someone in need of prototyping - then don't buy one. If you are - you'll be wishing you bought one years ago. I've put through about 5kg of ABS in the last year - and had a lot of fun, learned new skills and build some cool stuff.

Time and time again thought you meet folk that ask 'have you printed a gun', and 'can i download and print something'… both of which is to entirely miss the point.

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