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CAD is as old as gods dog - make your own models ffs.

Or you can download 1000's of stl files, you just have to look. (there's even a strandbeeste model you can d/l for nothing)

There are plenty of 'cheap' 3d scanners about with the same form factor as the hobbyist printers. Plus the nature of the community is such that I am sure a replacement hot end that contains a laser, that can scan, is minutes away from market as we speak.

Thus spake the bloke getting a 3d printer next payday.

I don't make claims that I will be able to print a working suspension bridge or anything 'structural' any time soon... or at all really, for me it's just a really cool toy.

On the whole I sort of agree with dabbsy the current state of the art is not great just like the early digi cams, but people didnt buy them cos they took great pictures, they bought them cos they were digital!

and if they had not bought them, then we would all still be taking pictures on little slivers of plastic... or actually not taking pictures at all, cos it was such a pain in the arse.

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