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Other uses for 3D Printers

Where I worked they acquired a 3d printer because someone was throwing it away (It was expensive and I don't think the original purchaser got much use out of it) and they have managed to put it to great advantage to allow improvements to be explored on container handling automation, especially around predefined failure points since printed components are cheap (ignoring printer cost) compared to fixing automation after collisions. I doubt they'll ever do anything more than print these components as these are now obsolete – but it has enabled them to save replacing the systems and improve them.

I have seen where a 3D printer has been used to build a model of a human throat and lungs from medical scan to understand where inhaled drugs are going - something that would have been difficult and expensive using conventional methodologies.

Like a lot of things, the real use advantages for 3D printers will take time to develop and probably not resemble what was hyped for them.

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