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If I wanted entertainment punctuated by ads, I'd watch TV. We use computers to escape such things.

Herein lies the problem of locked down tablets. With a general purpose pc we can ignore and block pop-ups and their ilk. With tablets the user relies on the vendor to do the right thing.

The local server+tablet always beats vendor-cloud+tablet. There's no WAN and its all under my control. It comes down to the usual: planning makes the experience better. Setting your PVR to record then play back on a tablet beats catch-up TV. You local linux distribution gives you a heap of free games without any adverts at all. I can never understand why people pay or will watch adverts, for solitaire.

What? You want me to pay for an X server on iOS? That's more than I paid for an entire linux distro on 5 computers. I think I'll stick with WebOS thanks.

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