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Come on now, the guy has a point. All that about TVs *IS* rubbish.

A simple TV show could never be thought of as being populated by anybody at all, let alone anyone capable of experiencing it from within; a computer game would be a much better analogy - indeed, in a sophisticated enough simulation agents within the game would "perceive" space around them and might possibly even be self-aware - except in that case, a 3D simulation would be perceived *AS 3D* by said agents, and the fact that *WE* might be looking at it through a 2D projection on a monitor would have absolutely no impact as far as they are concerned - that world *DOES NOT* "exist" on that 2D surface; we could detach the monitor and even completely shut down the renderer, and the internal physics simulation would continue to run, in "3D", for all participants living inside that simulation.

There might be interesting and profound implications of the science discussed, but illustrating it with a TV is a fail.

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