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The "one electron" idea was kicked around by Feynman and someone else (was it Wheeler? I forget) long ago. It doesn't work. It never reached theory status, it's a discarded hypothesis.

"Many worlds" does not mean splitting into different universes for all the infinite numbers of possible paths.

I am not aware of any theorist who has ever imputed consciousness or calculating power to electrons.

And finally, "we are simulations in a computer" is just an updated rewrite of the "God did it". Where did the computer come from? It implies an infinite regress - computers all the way down - just as the question "OK, where did God come from" results in gods all fhe way down. Bill Ockham pointed out the absurdity of this position around 700 years ago, but news travels slowly in some parts. Even now somewhere in the US a Creationist is putting forward the "7 proofs of the existence of God" while an exam question in the theology department of a proper university might be to take one of them and explain why it doesn't work.

As a very approachable book about all this, could I suggest Genius, the book about the life and work of Richard Feynman which goes into some depths on these topics as it explains how his thinking developed? The stuff you are referencing is mainly from his period.

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