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Electrons don't do a quick calculation before deciding how much energy to emit as a photon when changing orbitals.

You don't know that for sure. Some theorists believe that is exactly what happens. In particular, all the possible places that an electron could go contribute to the place that it does go. And in Many Worlds, it goes everywhere, splitting into different universes with each opportunity. I even heard a theory that there is actually (whatever actually means) only one electron in the entire universe, and we see its work all around us.

I've long wrestled with the idea of whether or not the universe is simply its description. i.e. it's nothing but maths. My gut feeling says it's more than that. But who really knows. You and I are as likely to be simulations in a relatively dumb computing device. That would certainly account for much of the strangeness that goes on, as anything can be done in software.

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