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MS word is vastly overloaded with feature bloat.

Most people use less than a dozen features of their editor program. The rest is all just padding.

One could as easily use Abiword, which is screamingly fast.

Bear in mind that MS came to dominate the market not by being the best but by being "good enough" to do most functions for most people and "cheap". Once they had market domination they followed the lead of all monopolies everywhere and pursued lock-in as hard as they could.

Libre and friends scare the shit out of MS, not because it's "the best" - but because it's "good enough" and "cheap"

Personally I find the Libre UI somewhat more easy to use than MS's, but I haven't had to undo years of exposure to MS's bad habits first. (I have used Wordperfect, Wordstar and friends in the past, but spent most of the last 20 years not having to deal with secretarial programs)

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