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I don't believe you've ever had an real dealings with the police. If you had you'd know that "fighting back" as you call it will only get you arrested even quicker. In all cases, once you've been arrested they will chop and change charges until they find one that will stick.

To give one example I'm willing to a publish. I was arrested for stealing my own car. Once the mistake was realised they tried on drunk driving. They couldn't make that stick so they eventually settled for reckless driving. A year and half later up in front of the magistrate two police officers swear blind almost word for word as to my driving style during a high speed chase through a city centre in car that wasn't capable of performing any near what they said. Result heavy fine and points on my license. They will get you and they will not be wrong.

Am I bitter? Damn right I am, as I said that is one example and I will never believe the word of any police officer. You want me on your jury because no matter what the evidence, I will find you innocent.

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