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The police are WRONG: Watching YouTube videos is NOT illegal

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Anonymous Coward

There was a time in England when criminal laws were supposed to be drafted so that it was clear to everyone where the limit was. If it was not specifically forbidden - then it was legal.

In the last few decades laws have been drafted with criteria that are at best woolly and at worst subjective. Mostly this was down to rushed, careless drafting - or too much reliance on consultation with zealous single-issue pressure groups. There have even been instances of "let the courts sort out the details".

Most people no longer have any real grasp of the range of criminal offences which they may inadvertently commit. They are aware that people are being arrested by State agencies for what seem spurious nit-picking reasons. Their perception is that a person's legal actions are apparently deliberately (mis)construed to fit the alleged crime.

What is considered "illegal" becomes redefined by these very public - and sometimes apparently successful stretching of a law's intentions. This brings a law into disrepute with two effects: people distrust the State - and start to break other laws with a attitude of "damned if you do - damned if you don't".

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