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Daniel Bower

I've said it before...

...and I'll say it again. I actually like WinPho. I have used it since v7 on the Lumia 800 and now have 8.1 dev preview update 1 ona 930.

Fast, smooth, not a resource hog and there are most of the big name apps are now present and correct and the day to day functionality is there as well. A special mention must be made about Cortana. I had a diary note in for a meeting and she (unprompted) popped up advising me based on the current traffic etc I should really be getting my skates on within the next ten minutes and would I like directions as she had them all ready. She is very very slick.

Where the app situation falls down now is not the big names but the 'hobby' apps. I do both astronomy and birding and the app choice for both is very limited compared to the big 2.

That said some of those in the hobby arena are really quite excellent (and I think it is fair to note that an awful lot of the apps on iOS and Android are pretty dreadful too).

Further the tightening integration between phone and PC just makes the overall package more attractive.

If you don't like it then fine but it does not mean someone else is an idiot for having a preference for it just as I do not think those that prefer Android are idiots (Jobsian fanbois on the otherhand - clearly a couple of bites short of a full fruit ;) )

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