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First of all, fifteen years ago there weren't any MacBooks around. Those would be Powerbooks, and a quick trip down memory lane will tell you that ALL computers were pricey back then. As for people willing to pay for luxury items, you could argue the same thing for Hermes bags: for less than 10% of the price you can get a bag with more functions and which is easier to carry, but still people will buy them....

I think the real gem in the article is that WinPho hast lost close to 10% in the last quarter. Listing all the missing features, I really have to say, i was considering having a look at a WinPho but now I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. The lower end models don't do it for me, and the pricier ones, well, I can just get an iPhone and be done with it right?

Let's face it, Microsoft had a pretty good ida with the whole tiles thin, but they've squandered it so that now it really doesn't bring anything to the table anymore. if after three years of being on the market people still aren't buying it, clearly it's not enough of a differentiator.

What they should do it take it off of lifesupport. Either give me a phone that I can use, or stop making them. FFS use that cloud you're flogging to give me traffic updates coupled to my alarm so I can catch the bus on time, tell me about upcoming activities for this weekend, scour the social and dating networks to see if anyone might be interested. Do all that in the background, and yes, then I would certainly be interested. Till then, there is not enough for me to change my phone, and I don't trust MS to come up with a solution that'll work from start to finish.

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